November Wonderbox 2012 (UNBOXING)

Hi guys.. Today i finally received my first beauty box from Wonderbox. Like what i mentioned in previous post . And today i received my box. So happy and satisfy with the products that they sent to me. I did not expect they will sent me that much products. Btw i am receiving a Pink ribbon box. Like what they posted on their Facebook page this month they have 2 types of box. Pink ribbon and black ribbon. And now i am so curious about what inside the black ribbon box. So i hope is there is one of you that read this blog and receive a black ribbon box and make a review please leave me your link on my comment section. 🙂

Perfectly  wrapped with bubble wraps.

This is what you see when you first open the box.

This is the list that they sent about what the product for and also the retail price on the each products.

This month they also giving RM 35 off for Sampar with RM 100 as minimum purchase.

This is the product inside look like. U guys must be wondering what is inside the blue box. :p

So this one is Sampar product that they sent there are 3 face products that came in the box. And all in the same tube size ( 2.5ml). and they mentioned that this products is for all type of skin.

Eyeshadow from Office. I got the purple color, and i can’t wait to try this eyeshadow because honestly i never know about this brand before but i like the packaging.

This is the box that make me wondering when the first time i open my box. And inside is this box is…………………………….
Inside are 3D Resplendent Lip Gloss.. 😀 First i thought they only gonna send 1 color but they sent 4 colors.

This is how the size of the lip gloss compare to my phone.

This is the list of the products that they sent and the retail price

-Sampar Vivid Radiance Serum ( 2.5ml).  Retail price  : RM 279 /30ml

-Sampar- Glamour Shot ( 2.5ml).  Retail price : RM 173/ 30 ml

-Sampar Lavish Dream Cream ( 2.5ml). Retail price : RM 423/ 50 ml

-Color Glaze Eyeshadow -Office Makeup USA.  Retail price : RM 88

-3D Resplendent Lip Gloss ( 4 colors) – Office Makeup USA .  Retail price : RM 68

For me this month they not only sending me 5 products but 8 products. however for Sampar products it would be better if they give as travel size not sample size but still happy with this month box because of the lip gloss so totally worth it . and i can’t wait to try the products and i will do a review about that.

Lastly, I officially continue my subscription on this beauty box.

If you guys want to take a look this is the website link and their facebook page . n if you guys already subscribe don’t forget to check your account and fill up the product survey because u can get a Wonder points.

Talk to you on the next post.

Bye… 🙂


Liese bubble hair color ( review 1)

Hi…in this post i want to give my first impression for LIESE bubble hair color.

So yesterday I colored my hair with Liese Chestnut. I really curious about this product because my friend used it once and she said that i need to try to use this product. So I decided to try. I went to Sasa I bought 1 liese for RM 38 and i check in Watson also same price. And the worker told me that I need 2 boxes because my hair is really long.  So I bought 2 because I read at the side of the box they said 1 box is only for hair until shoulder. Overall i spend around 2 hours from start until blow drying my hair.

This is how the box looks like.

Inside the box you can find an instruction, test card, a gloves, the dye it self come with two bottles no 1 and no 2, the pump and the last one is nourishing hair cream or conditioner. So if you bought new version of Liese you will get the conditioner.

This is the instruction. There you can see how to use the product. Do and don’t about the product.They explain about the test also. But I did not do the test.

And when you use this product your hair must be dry and no tangled at all. So its better if you wash your hair the day before you want to dye your hair.

So this is the bottle no 1 and 2 that contain the liquid what you need to do you pour all the liquid from bottle 1 ( maroon) to the second bottle and after that shake it well and when you finish shaking the product just insert the pump to the bottle.

This is my hair look like when i apply the foam to my hair. What you need to do after you put all the foam you gently massage you hair with your finger to make it even and after that you just leave that for 45 minutes. After that you can rinse your hair and you can use your shampoo and conditioner like normal. Btw at the end i just use 1 box and 1 box is more than enough for my hair.

This is how my hair look like after i rinse and blow dry and put the nourishing cream.

This is the other color that you can try. next time i want to try the sweet pink. :p

Overall i love the product because is easy to use and easy to rinse the dye so i plan to use this product again next time.

Rating: 9/10